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Suspect in domestic assault pleads no contest

| March 2, 2022

NEW PHILADELPHIA (WJER) (March 2, 2022) – A domestic violence case out of Uhrichsville has resulted in a felony conviction after taking an unusual route through the justice system. 

50-year-old Michael Derush appeared in Tuscarawas County Common Pleas Court Tuesday, pleading no contest to a bill of information charging him with that offense, felonious assault and grand theft of a motor vehicle. Assistant Prosecutor Scott Deedrick says Derush’s plea was part of a prenegotiated agreement that allowed the case to bypass the typical grand jury review. 

“There was a discussion between the public defender’s office and our office about the fact that we were in agreement that the evidence would support him being found guilty of the charges that are in this bill of information, so we’re just going to get it into court, get the ball rolling as opposed to sending it to the grand jury because that would be a significant delay. There would be an arraignment, things like that.”

The victim was hospitalized following the January 7th attack at a home on West First Street in Uhrichsville after which Derush stole the victim’s vehicle. A Tuscarawas County Sheriff’s detective found it at a Goshen Township home four days later and arrested Derush, who will be sentenced for the crimes on April 19th. 

“There’s no agreement between the state and the defendant as to what the sentence would be, and it will ultimately be up to the judge,” Deedrick says. “Both sides will present their arguments to the court. There will also be a pre-sentence investigation.” 

The felonious assault charge is the most serious and could land Derush in prison for up to 8 years, although the judge could also reserve that time and send him to a community-based correctional facility or place him on probation. 

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