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Tear-down orders issued for three decaying Uhrichsville houses

| May 18, 2023
This vacant house is one of three Uhrichsville city officials are trying to demolish for unaddressed safety and structural issues. (City of Uhrichsville)

UHRICHSVILLE (WJER) (May 18, 2023) – City leaders have taken the first step toward eliminating a few more eyesores around town.

Council last week authorized the demolition of three vacant houses for property maintenance code violations. That was after Service Director Belle Everett passed around photos of the houses, which are at 329 Miller Street, 514 Moravian Trail Road, and 420 Cross Street.

“Now if you look at those photos, and I don’t know how well that captures 420 Cross Street, but that is an exposed basement.. The neighbors have three children so we put pallets down in there because there had been a transient living in there on a mattress. You know, just drug habitat.”   

If the owners don’t address the violations within 30 days or request an appeal hearing, the city will be able to tear down those houses and ask the county auditor to attach the cost of the demolition to their property taxes.

“They’ve all received their notifications, not done anything to remedy it, and they’ve left the city with no choice but to proceed with the next step.”

To contest a demolition order, the owner must first make their case to the city’s Board of Zoning Appeals. If the board upholds the order, they can then file a civil complaint in Common Pleas Court.

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