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TNR Project to benefit from Saturday variety show

| April 5, 2024
Fan favorite "The Fairy Godparents" will take the stage during Saturday's charity variety show at the Little Theatre's New Philadelphia headquarters. (The Little Theatre of Tuscarawas County)

NEW PHILADELPHIA (WJER) The Little Theatre of Tuscarawas County has its yearly charity show this weekend.

Kait Gallagher-Wilsterman is directing Saturday’s one-night-only variety show to benefit the Tuscarawas County TNR Project as determined by an online nomination and voting process. She says it usually brings in anywhere between $1,500 and $3,000 for the charity the community selects. 

“That’s a chunk of change to a non-profit, and in the TNR Project’s case it costs approximately $50 for every cat that they care for, so every $50 that comes in Saturday night is another cat that they’re gonna be able to care for, get TNR’d, not making any kittens or anything like that so really protecting our communities.”

The theatre at 466 Carrie Ave. opens at 6, with the auditorium opening at 6:30 and the show beginning at 7. As the name suggests, the lineup features a wide range of talents including everyone’s favorite ‘Fairy Godparents’ Merriweather and Garryweather.

“It is just so much fun because you get to see a lot of faces you wouldn’t ordinarily see on stage. So people can come up and show up and perform whatever they want. We’ve got two sketch comedy acts. We have a dance routine. We’ve got a man who’s singing and playing guitar. We’re going to have a ukelele.”

There’s usually a magician too but he (is away at college and) couldn’t make it this year.

“Unfortunately, he’s in our first year of post-high-school school so he’s unable to be with us this year.”

Tickets are $10 at the door – cash or check only – and for another $10 you can take part in the Wine Pull and get a mystery bottle to enjoy after the show. There will also be a 50-50 drawing and lottery tree raffle. 

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