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Tusky Valley board holds first regular meeting since crash

| December 12, 2023

ZOARVILLE (WJER) (Dec. 12,2023) – Tusky Valley school board members are keeping their thoughts and prayers directed toward those impacted by last month’s band trip turned tragic.

That’s what President Dick Gooding said in a prepared statement he read during the board’s first regularly scheduled session since the chain reaction crash on I-70 that killed three students, a teacher, and two parents as they were traveling with the band to Columbus. 

“We realize many had non-life threatening physical injuries but all of them have been emotionally, mentally, and perhaps spiritually scarred from the trauma experience. Our prayer is that with each passing day with the support of their parents, siblings, friends, and teachers here at school healing will eventually take place.”

Superintendent Derek Varansky again expressed gratitude for the outpouring of support and encouragement that followed the tragedy. 

“Every day there are more and more cards coming in and those works mean a lot, the emails, phone calls. Schools, organizations, businesses, whoever it might be near and far, we have definitely felt community. We have felt the love.” 

The school board acted on a lengthy list of agenda items before adjourning Monday’s meeting, including appointing someone to succeed the teacher who lost his life in the crash and Ski and Board Club advisor.

“One of the requests from the Kennat family was that we would find a way to keep Ski and Board Club going and happening, and so we’re thrilled that Mrs. Megan Sams has stepped up and offered to take on that responsibility and that role.” 

Varansky showed off one of several banners the Sandusky schools gifted to the district. He also welcomed representatives from last month’s memorial walk or run and blood drive at the stadium, who presented the board with a Tusky Valley flag signed by participants.

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