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Twice-failed police levy passing in Strasburg

| March 20, 2024

STRASBURG (WJER) (March 20, 2024) – It seems the third time was the charm for Strasburg’s police protection levy.

The 2.3-mill tax replacement and increase is passing by 19 votes in Tuesday’s preliminary totals, the same margin it failed by in November.
If the outcome stands after certification, the village will collect around $180,000 annually for policing-related expenses. Mayor Bruce Metzger says one of the biggest that they’re facing is replacing the police department’s video recording and storage system after the manufacturer got bought out by another company and announced plans to discontinue it.

“I am very happy that the people came out and voted, and we got it passed. It will be a big plus for us in bringing in the funds that we need for things that we’re gonna have to pursue in the near future for the police department.”

Village voters struck down the same proposal last May after rejecting a steeper tax increase in the two elections before that. Metzger was feeling optimistic heading into Tuesday’s primary (believing they had done a better job of explaining what was at stake).

“I was thinking that people would see from hearing at the council meetings and stuff that we could really use the passage of it. I was hoping and had very good feelings that they would get out and vote and we’d get it passed.”

The levy would replace the 1.5-mill police equipment tax that Strasburg property owners have been paying since the early 90s. If it’s still passing once the elections board adds in any outstanding absentee and valid provisional votes, taxes will go up by around 60 dollars a year for every hundred thousand of home value.

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