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Two dogs dead, two hospitalized after parvo exposure at pound

| March 13, 2024

NEW PHILADELPHIA (WJER) (March 13, 2024) – Things are starting to settle back down at the Tuscarawas County Dog Pound after a parvo outbreak. 

Facility and Adoption Specialist Beth Lewis says they’ve been scrubbing everything down and taking extra precautions with the strays they pick up but aren’t accepting owner surrenders for the time being.

“We’ve talked to a few people. They understand. They’re being patient with us until we can get through it and we can reevaluate next week if we’re gonna start taking surrenders again or if we have to wait a little longer.”

The pound had its first parvo exposure in at least eight years last November but the staff was able to identify and isolate the carrier to prevent the virus from spreading. The latest occurred sometime last week and involved four dogs who weren’t showing symptoms. 

“This time we had no idea any of these dogs were sick. It wasn’t until I found out that the one had gotten sick and passed away at the rescue that he had went to. I immediately called the adopters that had his sister, and she had started vomiting that morning so they then rushed her to the vet where they found out she was also positive.”

Lewis shared the story and information on how to help the adopters on the dog pound’s Facebook page. 

“This is the first time I’ve ever adopted out a dog in my eight years that has been broke with parvo after the fact, and it’s horrifying and heartbreaking for this family who opened up their home and hearts to a dog and then two days later to have it get this sick and have to be in the ICU and looking at a $3,000 to $4,000 vet bill.” 

That puppy and another that went to a rescue remained hospitalized Tuesday, and a female pit bull named Nugget had to be euthanized. Lewis says there is a vaccine for parvo but it’s only effective if your dog receives multiple doses as a puppy and yearly boosters. 


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