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Uhrichsville bans ‘Thru Trucks’ on four roads

| June 13, 2022
Signs are now up designating Johnson Drive and three other Uhrichsville roads ‘no thru truck’ routes. (WJER Radio)

UHRICHSVILLE (WJER) (June 13, 2022) – Truckers will soon get ticketed for bypassing the highway and taking the Water Street Extension through the city.

Thru trucks are now prohibited on that road, beyond the fork on North McCauley Drive, and along Johnson Drive and Eastport Avenue. Mayor Mark Haney says drivers hauling heavy loads have been cutting across town instead of getting on the interstate, and it’s destroying the pavement.

“We’ll give a grace period of so long, and then it’s gonna be tickets. We’ve talked about reaching out to the state patrol to see if they’ll bring portable scales in, just in case we still have issues.”                  

Haney says signs are already posted, and warning letters will be going out to trucking companies whose drivers frequent those routes. 

“Put something on letterhead that says this is what we’ve done. You have 15 days to comply. You can post it at your scale houses. And if you don’t comply, we’ll give a warning the first time. The second time it’s not going to be a warning.”

Several extension residents attended Thursday’s council meeting. One said the truck traffic there causes his house to shake so violently it’s cracked his chimney. Another brought a petition signed by dozens of neighbors not realizing officials were already trying to address the issue. 

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