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Uhrichsville BMV staying open for now

| March 26, 2024
The state is letting the Twin City Chamber of Commerce continue operating the Uhrichsville BMV through June of next year, although it will only stay open after that if business improves. (WJER Radio)

UHRICHSVILLE (WJER) (March 26, 2024) – There’s some good news out of the Twin Cities.

The Uhrichsville BMV will remain open for at least another 15 months, through June of 2025. Twin City mayors Jim Zucal and Greg DiDonato had been fighting to prevent the location from closing as planned at the end of April due to declining revenue and announced the development this afternoon.

“I think this is a good solution,” DiDonato said. “They’ll have to manage the office. There are some things they’ve done to try to curtail some extra costs that they can do under the regular agreement but all the hours will be maintained the way they are.”

The Twin City Chamber of Commerce operates the location, which was among the lowest performing in the state last year, averaging fewer than a hundred transactions per day. DiDonato encourages drivers to take advantage of the services available there since the location will only remain open after next summer if its financial outlook improves.

“All we can do now is monitor and see how it goes. But in the meantime, the good news is it will not close at the end of April and it will continue through June 30th next year and be reevaluated at that time.”

Over 1,800 people signed petitions to keep the location open. The county is also restoring staffing to the title office next door, which DiDonato says should attract some additional customers.   


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