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Uhrichsville Democrats select Terry Engstrom for open council seat

| April 6, 2022

UHRICHSVILLE (WJER) (April 6, 2022) – The Uhrichsville Democratic Central Committee has filled the vacancy on city council.

Chair Martha Campbell says the committee met Tuesday and selected Terry Engstrom to take the Ward 2 seat that opened after the recent resignation of Ron Miller.

  “We had a nice conversation with him. He seems very excited about getting started and being part of the community and making some decisions for the community,” Campbell said. 

  Campbell says Engstrom was the only candidate who showed up to Tuesday’s meeting to be interviewed for the position.

 “Well, it’s always a disappointment to me because I hope a lot more people are interested. But I do think he’ll do a good job,” she said.   

Campbell says Engstrom grew up in Uhrichsville and moved back to the city to be closer to family after retiring to Florida. 

The Ward 2 term runs through the end of next year.

Campbell says it’s too early to say whether Engstrom will run when the race is on the ballot.

I figured he needs to get in there and get his feet wet this year to see if that is something he wants to continue to do. But that seat will be up for reelection next year,” said Campbell.

Engstrom will be sworn in at next Thursday’s council meeting.  

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