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Uhrichsville police to start ticketing in ‘No Thru Truck’ zones

| August 2, 2022
Thru trucks are now prohibited on four Uhrichsville roads: Johnson Drive (picture), the Water Street Extension, Eastport Avenue, and past the fork on North McCauley Drive. (WJER Radio)

UHRICHSVILLE (WJER) (Aug. 2, 2022) – Mayor Mark Haney says the grace period is over for truckers who’ve been cutting across town to bypass the highway. 

He has instructed police to begin ticketing the drivers of thru trucks along the Water Street Extension.

“I was out there while they were blade patching and saw numerous trucks using it as a ‘thru,’ and I actually took a couple of pictures of those trucks and I actually talked to a driver today hauling from the gravel pit.”

Signs went up back in June designating that road and several others as ‘no thru truck zones.’ Haney says the companies known to use those routes received letters warning them of the change and letting them know that enforcement would begin soon.

“I feel that the month grace period is plenty, and it’s time to start citing.”

Thru trucks are also prohibited along Johnson Drive, Eastport Avenue, and past the fork on North McCauley Drive. Service Director Belle Everett says the city has also commissioned a speed study for the part of the Water Street Extension between Indian Hill Road and McCauley to see whether drivers there are following the posted limits. 

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