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Uhrichsville property owner fined $10k for fire, building code violations

| August 16, 2022
The Ohio Board of Building Appeals has ordered the owner of this building in downtown Uhrichsville to pay the city $10,000. (Uhrichsville Fire Department)

UHRICHSVILLE (WJER) (Aug. 15, 2022) –  The owner of the commercial building at 109 E. Third Street has been ordered to pay the city $10,000 for building and fire code violations.

Law Director JJ Ong says the Ohio Board of Building Appeals ordered the payment, upholding seven of the eight citations the fire department issued following an April 5th inspection of the property. 

“That board issued a one-time civil penalty of $10,000 and an ongoing civil penalty of $5,000 per month beginning October 1, 2022, until such time as the violations are repaired and/or abated,” he says. “So as you can see pretty serious business. Should serve as notice to other property owners that there are some pretty severe consequences on commercial buildings.”

Ong says the owner – Derek Spring of Cadiz – told Fire Chief Judd Edwards that he found a buyer for the property and would be closing on the sale in September.

“So I am sure we will find out the new owners and provide them information on what they’re inheriting in regard to that property.”

Ong says the city can ask the Court of Common Pleas to enforce the ruling if Spring doesn’t pay up and could place a lien on his other real estate holdings. He’s listed as the owner of two other commercial buildings in the city and a single-family home on Thompson Street.

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