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Uhrichsville, regulators reach tentative deal over dumping at Gorley Bottoms

| January 16, 2023

UHRICHSVILLE (WJER) (Jan. 16, 2023) – The city has reached a tentative agreement with state and federal regulators to resolve citations for illegally dumping material in the Gorley Bottoms wetland area.

Mayor Mark Haney announced the development during Thursday’s city council meeting.

“The Ohio EPA, Army Corps of Engineers, the law firm of McMahon DeGuilis, and our environmental company have reached an agreed upon restoration. They will likely be here on January 26th to explain that.”

The citations were for road grindings, leaves, and other debris inspectors found piled up in the city-owned wetland area last spring. Haney says the dumping didn’t start on his watch. 

“This is not something that began when I took office. This issue didn’t just happen overnight. The Gorley Bottoms wetland issue has been years in the making.”

The agreement still needs to be finalized and isn’t yet a public record, although Haney says it involves city workers restoring the dumping site, which is a fraction of an acre.

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