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Union Hospital Auxiliary gives $190K through annual donation to hospital

| April 21, 2022

DOVER  (WJER) (April 21, 2022) – The Union Hospital Auxiliary is again allowing Cleveland Clinic Union Hospital to make life-changing investments in patient care equipment and services.

The auxiliary recently made its annual donation to the hospital with a giant-sized check for $190,000.

Auxiliary President Angie Thomas says it is due to the continued success of all their fundraising efforts, such as the Warther’s Christmas Tree Festival.

We can’t do what we do without our community supporting us,” said Thomas.

We have a great organization. I’m blessed to be surrounded by so many talented individuals. They work hard and our community just continues to support,” she added.

Hospital spokesman Darrin Lautenschleger says the auxiliary has donated more than $5 million to the hospital since forming in 1949, including more than $1.9 million in just the past nine years.

The auxiliary members are very devoted to the hospital, to the patients of the hospital, and especially to our hospital caregivers, and we’re grateful for that support,” Lautenschleger said.

Thomas says last year’s donation was for $128,000, which came from 2020 fundraisers that were impacted by the pandemic.

The auxiliary set a record the previous year by presenting a check for $265,000.

Lautenschleger says the hospital is still compiling a final list of items for consideration to be purchased with this latest check from the auxiliary.

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