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Union Hospital Auxiliary presents $200k check for annual donation

| April 19, 2023
Photo provided by Cleveland Clinic Union Hospital

DOVER (WJER) (April 19, 2023)  – The Union Hospital Auxiliary group has topped itself again with its latest annual donation to Cleveland Clinic Union Hospital.

Members of the independent charitable organization presented a check of $200,000 during a luncheon this week to support the patients and caregivers at the hospital.  That’s up $10,000 from last year.

Hospital spokesman Darrin Lautenschleger says it’s much appreciated.

“It is a lot of money,” said Lautenschleger, “It’s such a tribute to the dedication and really the perseverance of the Union Hospital Auxiliary.”

Auxiliary President Jennifer Ress says they have well over 100 volunteer members who deserve credit, along with the community, for making their fundraisers a success.

“It’s a great feeling that we can support our local hospital and be able to pick and choose what area we give the money to,” said Ress.

Lautenschleger says the auxiliary has donated more than $5.2 million to the hospital since 1949, resulting in countless patient care equipment purchases and other enhancements.

“There are locations throughout the hospital where there are donor plaques and you can see where the impact of the Union Hospital Auxiliary has been made,” Lautenschleger said.

The auxiliary’s donations include more than $2.1 million in just the past 10 years.

The group’s biggest fundraiser is the annual Warther’s Christmas Tree Festival held each November.

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