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Village swears in first Strasburg-Franklin resource officer

| November 13, 2023
Strasburg-Franklin School Resource Officer Alison Rosenberg with village Mayor Steve Smith after her swearing-in ceremony. (Strasburg Police Department)

STRASBURG (WJER) (Nov. 13, 2023) – We now know whose job it will be to protect and serve the Strasburg-Franklin school system.

Alison Rosenberg is in training to become the district’s first resource officer. Strasburg Police Chief Dave Warrick says she will patrol the village whenever school isn’t in session so they’re getting her familiar with that aspect of the job first.

“We just have to make sure that she learns our policies and procedures and how we do things, local courts, just be familiar with the area as well so she’ll be on the road learning all the streets and going on calls with us.”

Rosenberg was hired and sworn in at last Tuesday’s village council meeting but got to check out the school and meet with Superintendent Vince Lindsey before things were official.

“We had actually taken her up to the school during the lunch hour one day when she was in the hiring process just to show her what the atmosphere was up there and she loved it.”

Warrick expects about 12 weeks of training where she’ll also get to know the school and her role there.

“She will be filled in on everything as far as the expectations, the duties, what the administration likes them to do while they’re there, and all that other stuff, so looking forward to that.”

He says it’s about keeping the school safe and getting kids to see law enforcement in a positive light from an early age.

“It still brings a spark of clarity to even parents out there, family, and the community that we’re here for the better and we’re here for your kids and we’re here for everybody, and I think it starts in the school.”

Rosenberg lives in Wayne County and has nine years of experience in Stark, where she served on the Marlboro Township Police Department and as an auxiliary officer for the village of Navarre.

Warrick advertised the job internally before opening up the search but no one from within the department was interested.

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