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Water testing continues in Tuscarawas after high lead levels in samples

| June 12, 2023

TUSCARAWAS (WJER) (June 12,2023) – Village residents are still being asked to take precautions with their water supply, but the mayor says faulty testing is possibly to blame for recent water samples that tested high for lead.

Dana Moore says testing is continuing this week as officials search for a reason the lead levels detected May 17th were above federal EPA standards.

“We believe that there is at least the possibility of bad samples at the lab. Those samples sat for too long before they were tested at the lab, so we are doing retesting today and one week from today.

“We have never had that kind of results from the testing prior. Therefore, it leads us to believe it’s either samples or individual residents that may have old plumbing.”

On Friday, the village sent a notice to residents advising them to let their water run for 30 seconds to three minutes before using it. Moore says they should continue to do that.

“We are complying with everything that the Ohio EPA has determined to be necessary. I don’t believe at this point it is a red alert. It’s simply an amber, cautionary measure that we’re taking at this point.”

The Tuscarawas County Health Department plans to set up a pop-up blood lead level testing tent in the village of Tuscarawas in the near future for anybody with concerns.

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