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What’s that smell? Fire departments are trying to figure that out

| March 28, 2024

DOVER – You’re not wrong – you were smelling something foul in the air this morning.

And New Philadelphia residents weren’t alone in detecting an odor yesterday.

Where that smell is coming from is a mystery.

New Philadelphia firefighters yesterday and Dover firefighters today have been unable to find a source.

New Philadelphia Fire Chief Jim Parrish says people smelled it Wednesday on the west side of the city and even on I-77. He says many described it like natural gas, but the department checked for explosive limits and the meters read zero everywhere they went.

Dover Fire Captain Joe Minocchi says the city has received hundreds of calls about the odor Thursday from a wide area, including Front Street, Wooster Avenue, and Dover-Zoar Road.

He says the strongest scent was around Parkside, but crews haven’t found a source.

Crews have checked with area companies, including Dover Chemical and Kimble, and there have been no reports of leaks, chemical releases or anything that would cause the odor.

Minocchi said it seemed to be dissipating late Thursday morning.

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