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Youth-2-Youth groups produce anti-vaping videos

| March 14, 2024
Members of the Youth-2-Youth groups at Strasburg and Tuscarawas Central Catholic pose for a photo with commissioners after sharing the anti-vaping videos they made for a contest sponsored by the county health department. (WJER Radio)

NEW PHILADELPHIA (WJER) (March 13, 2024) – Tuscarawas County leaders got a crash course on vaping and its dangers from two schools’ youth prevention leaders.

The Youth-2-Youth groups at Strasburg and TCC joined the county commissioners in their board room Wednesday morning to present the anti-vaping videos they produced for a contest sponsored by the Tuscarawas County Health Department.

Health Educator Lakyn Craig oversaw the contest where participants were also challenged to write PSAs with anti-vaping messages. The judges picked Strasburg as the winner in all three categories, but Craig says it was a valiant effort by both teams. 

“I just wanted to say how proud we are of all the students’ work. It was a big team effort to make these videos from deciding on the topics to writing the script to having actors to recording to editing the videos and having a final product.”

Both videos are on the health department’s YouTube page. Board of Commissioners President Kristen Zemis appreciated the message.

“You can’t hide a cigarette because you can see the plume of smoke and you can smell it but I think parents of teens really have to be vigilant [about vaping] and watch that because it’s so easy. You can put it in your purse, put it in backpack, put it down your pocket, you have it in the bathroom. It doesn’t smell. It’s insidious. It’s just very dangerous.”

Craig says Claymont’s Youth-2-Youth group was invited but didn’t participate in the contest because of other commitments. 

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