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Youth Mental Health Night focuses on pandemic strategies

| March 8, 2022
Joe Beckman, the author of “Just Look Up, Five Life-Saving Phrases Every Human Needs to Hear," records an invitation for students at Tusky Valley High School.

DOVER (WJER) (March 7, 2022) – The area’s fourth Youth Mental Health Night Tuesday will focus on strategies to help kids get through the pandemic.

A health fair starts at 6 p.m. at Dover High School followed by a presentation by Joe Beckman, the author of “Just Look Up, Five Life-Saving Phrases Every Human Needs to Hear.”

“We really talk about in this book self-worth, resilience, human connection, growth mindset and gratitude,” Beckman said in a recorded invitation for students at Tusky Valley, which is sponsoring his visit. “We are going to be breaking down those in different ways, shapes and forms.

“It’s not your typical keynote speech. I don’t stand behind a podium. I don’t come in with a bowtie and fancy pie charts and graphs. That’s not how I roll… I’m bringing my guitar, we’re bringing the energy, we’re bringing music and we’re going to do everything we can to make it an engaging event.”

The Tuscarawas Area Counseling Association has previously focused events on suicide prevention, the opioid crisis, and mental health with 2020’s “What Made Maddy Run?” program.

“This one is more about coming out of a pandemic,” said TACA President Lindsey Tidrick, a Strasburg High School guidance counselor. “What are the five things that you can do that are simple, common sense, go-to things for you and your child.”

Tidrick hopes families accompany their children to the event from 6 to 8 p.m. at Dover High School. Buckeye Career Center will provide refreshments. The health fair will feature a host of area health agencies, including Ohio Guidestones, the YMCA and Springvale Health Center.

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