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Curbside recycling to continue in New Phila

| July 9, 2024

NEW PHILADELPHIA (WJER) (July 9, 2024) – City residents could soon be paying more for what they haul to the curb each week.

Council’s Public Works and Economic Development Committee has requested legislation authorizing a $3 increase to the monthly sanitation fee beginning in October. There had been talk of eliminating curbside recycling and using that truck for trash pickups, but members no longer believe that’s a viable option for addressing the program’s financial challenges. 

North Broadway resident Nick Lautzenheiser urged the committee to preserve what he described as ‘an important measure of environmental stewardship.’

“As the leading and most populous city in this county, there’s an expectation that curbside recycling is provided. Not providing the service makes the city less attractive to current and prospective residents and businesses. Shouldn’t we be doing everything we can to embrace new residents, new businesses, and attract new economic development?”

Chairman Dan Lanzer proposed the change because of increasing costs and low participation but changed his mind after speaking with constituents.

“And if we need to revisit in a couple of years if recycling becomes a draw on us even more than it already is then maybe we will revisit that in a few years.”

Councilman Kris Kreinbhil thinks more needs to be done to promote the service.

“As we keep going, I think we really actually need to get back out and do a recycling push because it’s kind of sad that only 26 percent of people do.”

The committee will reconvene in a couple of weeks to review the legislation and decide whether to make a formal recommendation for city council to vote on. New Philadelphia’s last sanitation fee increase was in 2022 when Service Director Ron McAbier requested an additional $1.25 and members approved 50 cents.

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