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Dover City Council cautiously considering spending requests from power plant

| January 7, 2022
Dover City Council President Shane Gunnoe is sworn in alongside his family Jan. 3.

DOVER (WJER) (January 7, 2022) – City Council is taking a cautious approach to spending at the city’s Light and Power Plant in 2022.

Members this week scaled back the spending requests from Acting Plant Superintendent Jason Hall, who took over after the recent retirement of Dave Filippi.

Council members are still reeling from 2021, when expenditures for power plant maintenance were about $350,000 more than what council approved. Council members and the city auditor say they never authorized those additional expenses and some of those bills are still outstanding. Council had called for Filippi’s termination over the matter, but Mayor Rick Homrighausen allowed him to retire instead.

Council president Shane Gunnoe asked Hall why he is recommending contracts without a bidding process. He said that practice burned the city in the past, including last year, and has to change in the future.

Hall’s requests for plant maintenance expenses this week totaled around $350,000. Council trimmed that back by $200,000, saying Hall could come back later in the year if he needs more.

Council is scheduled to consider $550,000 in additional requests Monday. Gunnoe and Law Director Doug O’Meara asked hall to work on putting bid specifications together for the work.

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