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Icy conditions create challenges for ODOT’s cleanup crews

| February 3, 2022
The roads were so slick this morning that this ODOT truck slid off the side of state Route 164 in Columbiana County. (Ohio Department of Transportation District 11).

NEW PHILADELPHIA (WJER) (Feb. 3, 2022) – ODOT crews have been facing an uphill battle trying to keep the roads clear of ice and snow.

District 11 Spokeswoman Lauren Borrell says they typically strive for passable but not perfect, although there may be times that even that’s not possible because of what Mother Nature has been throwing at us. 

“They have been out since this has started patrolling things and trying to stay out ahead of it as much as possible, but we’ve seen some icy areas. We’re starting to see snow in the western Tuscarawas County area. Holmes County is seeing snow-covered roads, so it’s just a matter of time until we see that switch.”

Borrell says the district is fully staffed and will have between 90 and a hundred trucks out plowing and salting until the storm passes.

“We’re working 12 to 16 hours shifts right now, and we will continue to work around the clock until the weather is over, and as of right now according to the forecast this is into tomorrow.”

The roads were so slick this morning that an ODOT truck slid off the road and tipped over while salting state Route 164 in Columbiana County. The driver wasn’t injured, but Borell says it shows just how treacherous ice-covered roads can be.

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