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WJER’s Lost & Found Service

| January 1, 2022

Did your furry friend go missing? Did you find an animal roaming loose in your neighborhood? Maybe you found a set of keys. Whatever you lost or found, WJER Radio is here to help with our Lost & Found service! Click here to view our Lost & Found list or to submit and entry to be included (entries require administrative approval and will not appear immediately). If you include a picture of the lost or found item with your entry, we will share the picture and info on our Facebook page as well. You can also email Lost & Found pictures and info to, or you can call us at 330-343-7755 Monday thru Friday between 8:30am and 5:00pm to report a Lost & Found entry over the phone. We are thrilled each and every time an animal is reunited with its owner, and we’re happy to help you the next time you need our Lost & Found service!

When submitting information about a lost or found animal, please include as many of the following details as possible:
• Male or female
• Breed
• Fur color
• Unique markings/characteristics
• Wearing a collar/tags
• Area where the animal went missing (city and nearby business or street name)
• Date the animal was lost/found
• Contact phone number
• Photo of the animal

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