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Mayor excited about potential development in north Dover

| October 18, 2022

DOVER (WJER) (October 18, 2022) – Interim Mayor Shane Gunnoe says a potential 67-acre retail and industrial development on the north side of town could be a huge economic catalyst for the city.

Gunnoe this weekend shared a Press Release announcing three local businessmen – Mike Davis and Jeff Mathias of New Philadelphia, and Loren International CEO Kevin Gray – have purchased those 67 acres on Dover’s northern border between 77 and Wooster Avenue.

They are shopping the property around to a variety of retailers and manufacturers, with the hope of attracting light industry, retail, grocery, and restaurants.

“That means not only more additional options in terms of retail, grocery, food service, and then jobs in terms of manufacturing potentially, but it also means additional tax revenue to the city and good-paying

jobs for those people who want to find a place of employment. I think all around it’s a good development for the city of Dover.

“We’re early in this process, but in the long run I believe it will be an economic homerun for the city of Dover.”

Gunnoe wouldn’t be specific about what business are looking at the property but says there’s a lot of interest from a variety of companies.

“I’ve been told by folks in the economic development world that this is the number one most developable site in Tuscarawas County, so I have a lot of confidence both in them and in the site itself. We look forward to what it will bring to the city of Dover.”

Gunnoe says the developers are putting together an economic impact study to provide better answers on what types of companies, jobs, and tax revenue would be involved.

A conceptual site plan shows about eight smaller retail stores and restaurants along Wooster Avenue, and behind them, three larger commercial buildings and one large industrial facility. N Wooster Avenue and Crown Road

What about Parrall?

Most of the land is in Dover, but some extends into Parrall, and the development would also impact Dover township. Gunnoe says he’s been talking with leaders of those communities.

“Most of the land is located in the city of Dover, but it’s also located right in their backyard, so we want to make sure everything we do is positive impact in the long run for them, too,” Gunnoe s


Monday, Parrall resident Frankie Alguire told City Council and Gunnoe she lives across the street from the proposed development. She asked Dover officials to consider the impact on the village and nearby residents. She suggested a tree-line buffer, light industry with well-paying jobs, and a community park.

Gunnoe said he’s talked with Parrall Mayor Crystal DiGenova about bike lanes and paths for nearby residents. He also said officials want to recruit companies that pay well.

“Certainly, light industry and good-paying jobs are very much hoped to be a part of this project,” Gunnoe said.

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