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National Guard members step in to relieve hospital’s exhausted caregivers

| January 18, 2022
A couple of national guard members have been working alongside caregivers in Cleveland Clinic Union Hospital's emergency center. (Cleveland Clinic Union Hospital)

DOVER (WJER) (Jan. 18, 2022) – The pandemic-weary caregivers at Cleveland Clinic Union Hospital are getting some relief from the Ohio National Guard.

Director of Community Relations Darrin Lautenschleger says members have been stationed at the hospital for a little over a week now, triaging patients and completing other tasks as needed.

“And they’re working here at Union Hospital in the emergency center serving as medical tech helping support our caregivers at that location and helping provide care for patients.”

He says COVID-19 admissions aren’t as high as they have been, falling from 49 at the end of last year to 30 on Monday, although the caregivers are still grateful for the assistance. 

“In the last week, we’re starting to see overall hospitalizations go down, and the number of patients who are diagnosed with COVID-19 and requiring the Intensive Care Unit are going down, as well. We hope that’s a trend that continues.”  

Lautenschleger says the four guard members originally assigned to the hospital have been re-deployed elsewhere, although two more arrived last Friday. They’re among the 2,300 Governor Mike DeWine mobilized to support healthcare facilities statewide.

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