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At-home COVID tests now available for free by mail

| January 19, 2022

NEW PHILADELPHIA (WJER) (Jan. 19, 2022) – City Health Commissioner Vickie Ionno is encouraging area residents to sign up to have free COVID-19 testing kits delivered to their doorsteps.

Ionno says you can visit to request a four-kit bundle for your household through a mail-order program the Biden administration launched this week.

“The demand for test kits is really high right now and they’re hard to find, so any opportunity for people to get some free test kits [is] good for them. I think they should take advantage.”

Kits requested through the program are expected to ship at the end of January through the U.S. Postal system and arrive 7 to 12 days later. Ionno says you may be able to get an at-home test from the organizations that have been passing out for free if you need one before then, although they’ve been hard to come by here recently.

“We currently are out as most people waiting on our next shipment. I have placed another order, but they’re not telling us when.”

She suggests checking with your health insurance company if you can’t find a test kit since they’re now required to cover up to eight of them per person each month. 

The Biden administration has also pledged to release 400-million N95 from the government’s stockpile and make them available to Americans starting next week. Ionno suggests taking advantage of that program, too, once the details are announced since that type of mask provides more protection than the cloth ones. 

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