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December 18, 2023

Male Australian Shepherd named “Memphis,” dark brown and white fur, microchipped, wearing a collar and tags, senior dog, does not see or hear very well, needs daily medication, lost in the area of State Route 212 between Sherrodsville and Leesville, call 330-432-4825 if found


December 18, 2023

Adult male Cockatiel named “Tiki,” about 12.5 inches in length with typical long parrot tail feathers, winged (can fly) with a red patch on each cheek and a crest on his head, medium grey with a white stripe down each wing, *REWARD BEING OFFERED, last seen at the corner of […]

Lost cat – New Philadelphia

October 9, 2023

Have you seen Finnley? Finnley went missing September 30, 2023, from his 6th Street NW home in New Philadelphia. He is a grey Tabby with white on his nose, neck, chest and paws. Please call 330-447-5204 if you see him.

Lost dog – New Phila

July 7, 2023

Have you seen Hannah? She went missing July 3, 2023, from Springbrook Drive in New Philadelphia. She is a female Shih Tzu Terrier mix. She has brown fur with silver ears. Please call 330-268-8802 if you see her. 7/10/23: Update. She was possibly spotted near the New Philadelphia waste water […]

Lost wallet – REWARD

May 15, 2023

Someone lost a wallet on Sunday, May 14th and it means a lot to them. Possibly at the Quaker Cinema, Dairy Queen on Broadway or Speedway near Denny’s, all places in New Philadelphia. What is inside does not matter. The wallet was a gift from a father to his son. […]

Lost dog – New Philadelphia

May 2, 2023

Have you seen J.J.? He is a sweet 9 year old Rat Terrier. He has a pink collar on with white paws. He was lost from the 4th Street and West High area on Monday, May 1st. He was possibly spotted around 3rd Street in New Philadelphia on 5/14/23. PLEASE […]

Lost cat – Bolivar

April 26, 2023

Lost cat last seen on 4/15/23 in holly heights in Bolivar. And she was wearing a grey flea collar and a tye dye collar with a bell. Her name is Enid, she is a inside only cat. Very shy but very friendly. She is very missed. Please call 330-343-7755 if […]